Saturday, December 06, 2008


After the Legalaid meeting + book launching at Bau2 Cafe last night, I headed home late after watching a movie about some vampire lovin' with VK.

The movie was OK, but for me nothing can surpass Interview with The Vampire (maybe I'm biased because I love Anne Rice's work).

Anyway moving on..
I'm working in a Legal Firm specializing in Construction.
Sometimes it involves the issue of the eviction of squatters or removal encroachments to the project site.
And most of the time, the Court recognizes the rights of the registered land owners, but not without detailed and careful deliberation.
The squatters will still get their compensation.

I understand the Developer's rushing wants to immediately bulldoze the encroachments, and at the same time I understand the squatter's helplessness in trying to retain to what they call home and weighing these two, I can safely say I am divided by my work ethics.

Indefeasibility of title is Law.
My clients have the full legitimate expectation of land use.
But at the same time the question of Equity kicks in.

Which brings us to the discussion I had with VK about legal rights, when the Others question equitable rights.
That only the rightful owners shall have the sole benefit of the land.
Hence squatters and settlers can pack their bags and go.

What hurts me the most, a lawyer I know said this "why should we help the squatters, they free-free buat rumah on other people's land and then we have to compensate them."

I'm embarrassed to admit my learned friend in Law is that shallow.
But his/her sentiment is widely shared by the others learned friends in the legal fraternity so why am I surprised anyway.

And the irony of me fighting for my clients evicting squatters comes in like a bad comeback.
Because off working hours I'll be defending the other side of the party.

I know some are questioning, but to me these are values to which can not be calculated easily.
To those who call themselves lawyers (excluding gomen counsels as they are tied with the gomen, but they're not lawyers pun in the first place in the truest sense what am I thinking), I think there's a fine line between the call of duty and business.

I take care of my clients, because they have their rights over the land.
And the same for the squatters/settlers, as they too have their rights over the same.
Sometimes values are intangible, sometimes they are tangible.
But there are still values.

And there is such thing as a grey area sandwiched between the black and the white.
Hell yes the court recognises it.

Too bad if you feel this shouldn't be the way.

And just because I work for the money 9-5 it does not mean I have to devoid of human feeling to the society, right.

It does not mean I can turn my back just because my namecard says I'm from The Firm.
Let's start this over.

Hello, I'm a Lawyer.
I'm not a mercenary. I have values too. I believe in it.
Do you?


Cerita 1.
When I came to the dining table, the Nobel nominated poet + pioneer to the Legalaid Mr Cecil Rajendra recognises me "eh miss Harrison!" I can feel my cheeks growing red and yes I'm flattered he knows me by name ehehehe. Eh aku memang suka gila puisi even before being called to the Bar.

Cerita 2.
I got home almost after midnight and mom called in to ask about my whereabouts.
When I told her I was on my way back, with VK, she wanted to hear VK's voice.
(Confirm perempuan kan hahaha) Macam pelik. I thought Mom was worried I'm having a cold feet because the wedding is around the corner tiba2 nak dating dengan laki lain? Oh tidakk.

Cerita 3.
The full version of cerita 2 above is that My mother thought she misheard my friend's name as 'Jealous' instead of the real name.
(I'm almost sure I did not mispronounce VK's name to sound like "Jealous". Tapi I kan pelat.) Thats why she repeated the name so I thought she wanted to hear VK's voice to check on us.
(So it wasn't she checking out who I was out with duh).

This was revealed when Yah told me Mak said 'oh ada jugak orang dalam dunia ni nama dia "Jealous".

Cerita 4.
When I told Mr K about cerita 3, he said : "Ah that's not jealous. I am Jealous".
Hehehehhe. Alaalaa.


mr K 6 December 2008 at 21:50:00 GMT+8  

im proud of u!

jelous? yes i am. :P

midnight blue eyed 7 December 2008 at 10:43:00 GMT+8  

the same when ure defending criminals,perhaps?

Amicus Curiae 9 December 2008 at 00:48:00 GMT+8  

hehe ure really cute when ure jealous, u know..



alak,  11 December 2008 at 02:05:00 GMT+8  

mayb thats when we gotta say: duty calls.. rite?

but then again..who says being a lawyer ni is eaasayy

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