Friday, October 31, 2008

RB free

this pic worth only few words: i just wanna go home

I was still a chambering student, waiting for my mover to arrive.
Slightly nervous as my pupil master couldn't make it, so she had asked Puan M*azlinda to move my call.

And I was oblivious to even know her husband is R*azak B*aginda, so when the staff at my former firm told me Puan's husband is arrested, I was really clueless and did not see any connection although the morning news was barraged with RB's name in connection with the Mongolian model murder.

That was almost two years ago.

Can't say I followed the whole court drama religiously, I have my own reservations and observations, but I read the news with deep interest especially whenever it mentions Puan or the daughter. Maybe its only because I see them eye to eye, and would've felt the same too if I met the others.

And today the headline news brings about RB's acquittal. Only the 2 others were ordered to enter their defence.

Well? well.
There's nothing more to say.


O 1 November 2008 at 11:15:00 GMT+8  

gile bai 2 org tu kene enter defence. gile lame siut kes ni nak abis. gile boring siut klu korg masuk dalam court tgk diorng buat trial. counsels and judge, pls la buat klakar sikit.. baru hapening skit trial tu..

sebab aku penah tgk bos aku buat trial klakar giler nk mampos!!! OKT pun terhibur tak takut langsung.

Amicus Curiae 4 November 2008 at 14:26:00 GMT+8  

kau call aku bile boss kau buat hearing,najib. aku nak tgk =D

aku pnh tgk tuan haji sulaiman conduct hearing,mmg best gile.tak kering gusi.

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