Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Just got back from 9 miles run.
It feels so good.

I am what they call a solitary runner.
Without music, without technology, without grace.
Just me, and my running thoughts.

I used to run alot more when I was younger.
And even faster when I'm upset.

I would run til the last of my energy that has been feeding off emotions.
The bitter I am, the stronger runner I would be.
The Demons burns in the Spirit, and fades away in exhaustion.

The incensed emotions, the umbrageous feeling of losses and indignant denials vanish with each step I take. A breather from the dead of reason.

As if i could really runaway from the things, the persons, the words that failed me.
Let me be.
Leave me be.

It seems nowadays I don't run as much, complacent to the living I have now and maybe just maybe I wasn't as angry a person as what I used to be.
Stabilized emotions, perhaps I did become older and wiser and wished for simpler things for happiness.

And I keep wishing he was here, running beside me.
My pillar of strength, the sunshine of my universe.
He'll make me forget that I'm actually running to forget why I'm running.

And this morning, I ran again.
As fast and as far as I could.

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