Saturday, February 14, 2009


I finally cannot avoid from keeping it a secret that I'm getting married in two weeks time.

*gets excited*

Kengkonon this blog is never meant to be on the extreme of personal jots, but hey, this would be one of the biggest turn in one's life and... I think I can give myself the excuse :P

Its no easy task, this wedding thingy, I can assure you, albeit the real intention is motivated to have the whole function simple. And sweet.

Its the first wedding in the family and we're quite amateur in this business, serious kelam kabut..
but along the way we found wonderful people that have actually help us alot. Wonderful people. InsyaAllah semoga everthing is as smooth too.

With the help of the angelic superwoman, aka the wedding planner aka soulsister F.E, everything is under control (yeah with heaps of flowers and dashes of more flowers here and there one might wonder when did I became so girlish ~I'm not! hahhaa me don't understand the art of flowers, and I shall leave it at the hands of the professional) If its were left up to me, confirm sangat cincai.

So Farzeera, thank you :) you're superb. Crazy. And Cool.
I can never thank you enough.

So far the preparations have been kept under the radar.
Today after the LegalAid meeting (congrats Ravin, Fadiah, Leena & Valen), the loyar lawyer Puspa and I head to Semua House for last minute veil shopping.
To this Farhana said "af aku respect kau separuh mati! rilek semacam"

What's importand for me is just the wedding with my beloved Mr K, not really a huha grande perfectly perfect wedding.
One must be with emotions, and with emotions, it'll be of a human touch.
We're not mechanical robots producing flawless productions, macam wedding yang korang tengok kat Nona..ahh sungguh kayu.. you know what I mean.
I'll just have it sweet and blissful.

Pray for us yeah :P

And so the cards have (some) been distributed.
Those who knew me well would say "this is so Afzanic".

No.. its not in black and shouts of red blood and goth. Hoi Hoi!

Oh well. Here's to us, darling.
To you, see you on the 28th, insyaAllah.


mr K 14 February 2009 at 21:54:00 GMT+8  

semoga Allah permudahkan semuanya..
^_^ see u soon my dear.

Nur Kauthar 15 February 2009 at 08:57:00 GMT+8  

WAaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~!!! Xdapat balik!~huhu~

AALAA' 16 February 2009 at 15:26:00 GMT+8  

waahh benci! gamba ni sgt sweet! huhuu kad tak sampai lg nih.. ei apsal kite pulak berdebar2 awak yg nak kawen haa...?

Amicus Curiae 16 February 2009 at 15:34:00 GMT+8  

gambar time tunang tu..kengkonon i have to stay in the room, and he have to stay outside..while the whole engagement process were taking place, we were talking to each other through the window..hahahhaa

so caught in the act.kengkonon.

Kema Azeman 16 February 2009 at 17:06:00 GMT+8  

sob sob sob...cant believe ur getting married... then, nxt is my other cousin, ank sedare cik dah, bln 3..pastu ani plak..sob sob sob..

why? why? WHY??????? huuuuuu

AALAA' 16 February 2009 at 21:56:00 GMT+8  

haha bes nye borak2 while org lain yg uruskan majlis pertunangan yg mcm super bosan..hehehe. btw received ur card. cantik + simple + hi class yu! luv it!

Amicus Curiae 17 February 2009 at 14:18:00 GMT+8  

nuyu: haha when u're turn comes up, maybe it'll answer u all the why's.

alak: tunang2 ni super bosan.never could manage a function without feeling the dearth protocols kill. eugh.

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