Monday, February 02, 2009

passive aggressive

You don't believe you can make a change, by your own effort?
Its the same as, you don't believe your oneself can fight against the big monsterly giants.

Go on continue, nibble and squeak.
Be gone and away.
Follow the traces of the ghosts who hides in the daylight and fades forever.

A story of the struggle, does not start with carrying guns on your shoulders.
It starts with faith.

And by faith, is not by religious faith alone, but the faith you have for your own strength that your effort is a valid effort of change.
And by effort, no one have to approve it, to acknowledge it but your own.
You know no one gonna give you a medal for it, but you fight on anyway.

This is a story of our Davids, strong and courageous, against the World, the Goliaths.
Not for the weak hearts.

It took years for the South African Apartheid regime to collapse.
But it started with it.

Took more than few antagonizing years for the American Blacks to succeed.
Before they can even ride the same bus with the American Whites.
But it started with it.

Remember the Great American Boycott?
Google it.
It started with it.


All individual effort counts.
As every pint of blood drops.
It counts.


HiDa 4 February 2009 at 17:30:00 GMT+8  

Af, you've been tagged. Sori beb..hehe

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