Saturday, February 07, 2009

like the sunshine

dublin at night
i need your loving
like the sunshine
everybody gotta learn sometime
everybody gotta learn sometime..

Got back from fairy's wedding in Dewan Banquet Upm with the captain a former UPM student who has no idea where Dewan Banquet UPM is.

Felt melancholic semacam driving back home. Kept on thinking about streets in Dublin dont know why. Not that I miss being there.
If there's one place I wanna be gotta be that place where my sunshine is.

Tertido dengan peel-off-mask dan bangun dengan horornya muka menjadi keras.
Nak bukak mata pun tak bley. Patutpun mimpi horror (aku yang jadi hantu makan budok). Muka hijau.

Beck is not good for your health.


you can't afford me 8 February 2009 at 23:15:00 GMT+8  

green faced goblins live in irish lands :) cheer up

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