Friday, June 06, 2008

face it

the face that Malaysians 'love' the most

Face the tough times ahead:

Fuel: Increase 41%
Electric: Increase 11%
Poultry: ceiling price abolished
Hatred to wards KERAjaan: 300%
Gaji: tak naik, jangan turun.

Thank you.


mr k,  6 June 2008 at 22:23:00 GMT+8  

rase nak tumbuk2 je muke dia ni..

Akmal Azeman 9 June 2008 at 00:40:00 GMT+8  

heyyy..havent stop by from some tyme...been busy lately, even my blog had unattended more often..huhu

anyway. curses to the price!!! *trying to play safe here. heh. :P*

...but I digress 9 June 2008 at 09:09:00 GMT+8  

to my mr k:
tu lah..tgk tv smlm dia boleh senyum2 lagi..tak ke dia rasa bersalah sikit pon???

heyya coz! lama x dgr berita...u know..u dont have to play safe anymore,cos september is coming..hahahaha..

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