Thursday, June 19, 2008

old friend

"And very few of My servants are grateful" [Al-Quran 34:13].

Last night I picked up an old friend of mine for a snack at McDonalds.

I casually explain that she is 'an old friend' because we knew each other during primary school and had kept in touch throughout the years.

She, one who had never stayed home, as she was schooled in a prominent all-girls SBP for five years while I had changed school and home twice during the same time.

And when I stayed put in one of the local uni to read law, she went ahead studying medicine in the UK.

Anyway, when I fetched her back home, the security guard at her gated community housing area stopped us and asked which of the houses we're going to.

And this friend of mine said her father's name.
The security guard then said "oh you mean Dato' so and so"
And she nodded.

I was surprised to learn that her father earned the dato'ship because she never told me so.
When I asked her further, she said with a smile, there was no need to tell because its not important, for her, her father is still the same remarkable father to the family.

This is the same girl who had wrote in her letter when she was 13, wishing for a Sony Walkman but didn't ask from the parents because she understood that the parents are not wealthy and were working so hard that she put herself in the same shoes of her parents.

This is the same girl who had told me to be patient and nothing else said by her while she listened to my earful ramblings complaints and what not.

She's still the same.
Now I wonder what me being so surprised for.


hazw,  19 June 2008 at 17:26:00 GMT+8  

..because you expect everyone to change,perhaps?

Akmal Azeman 20 June 2008 at 01:05:00 GMT+8  

hmmm...this entry had brought me down the memory lane. yea. we are cousins but i bet u nvr knw of how rebellious i was whn i was 13; i had a lot of arguments wit cik dah back then...huhu..but now im a COMPLETE diff person n i am thankful for that. owh. except being manja n all. hihi :P

anyway. perhaps. those with the best within their hearts will always be the same if that person mind her doings. yet. they still surprises us. kan?

btw. regarding ur last 2 posts, about mind-talking. sometimes my mind talks a lil' bit TOO loud than necessary. huhu (T_T)

...but I digress 20 June 2008 at 14:19:00 GMT+8  

thats why its best not to expect at all..actually.

cik dah always said she's garang (though i cannot see how or when or where) haha..okay apa...character building.

oh well,to change or not to change,the question is,is it for the betterment..if it change'll do u good.

i've a mind talk incessantly that no one outside seems to catch what i'm talking.haru.

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