Monday, November 06, 2006

sunday and saddam

Went for hida's open giganto house.

After 3 or 4 bowls of yummy soto (her mom is a killer cook) and nadira, atie, ira, rayna, far, mar n baby, muna, mira, kalid, lan, lia, emma, dila n nasreen is a sunday without my dearest, but its a good sunday.

I was at nas' crib watching the evening news when the big-o-news (didn't it really) suprised me: Saddam Hussein is sentence to death.

The US had always had dillemas with what to do with captured dictators since the defeat of the Axis in 1945. No? Yeah.

Lest you see Hitler committed harakiri, partisans dispatched Mussoline and only the Japanese Empreror was given an easy way out (which he remained in office til '89)

If Nazis high ranked were put into trial at the Nuremberg, and with numbers of them were sent to the gallows, if Hitler had been the 25th defendant, imagine what the proceedings would've been. While far less evil Manuel Noriega of Panama has been since 1989 in an American jail cell, where he serves a 40-year sentence for drug-trafficking .

What makes it different from THE Saddam trials, the US seemed to given the power to Iraqi judges to hear and decide Saddam's case. Their excellencies Iraqi judges sentenced him to death for his role in the 1982 massacre of the 148 in Dujail.


  1. To jail a dictator seems to be the easiest, since it would not usually lead to political confrontations, but it would appear to be less-justified for the victims of his reign's oppression while there is a need for an emotional closure for the families and friends of the victims.
  2. Whileputting the dictator to die in painless death sounds terrible (but humane enough)e.g hanging, firing squad, but it is as not as horrible and gruesome as putting him in the same torture he had put his victims in, but this would provide psychological release for the avenging victims and the relatives. And yeah, it suppose to methodically act as a deterrent punishment.
  3. Leaving the dictator's fate into his co-national to hear he trial might free the US the burden, but still it is at the expense of exacerbating local tensions. One might not feel the co-national is fitting enough to judge a different race/triad/religion person. In this case, the sunni and the shiite factor.

You are accused of... deporting and confiscating money belonging to Shiite Kurds of al-Fayleyah," who were allegedly killed or deported to Iran on the eve of the Iran-Iraq war, the tribunal official, identified as Munir Hadad, told Saddam.

But hm. I don't know. It is difficult and I truly don't have a clue.


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