Sunday, November 19, 2006

let me be good

I think he's fantastic.

I like the annivsrsary postcard he gave me, even though he claimed its not 'adequate' enough to be one, but his words of love really triumphs it. At least I know now I'm the only girl who gets a postcard for anniversaries. (Though later he bought me a proper, just as sweet card)

I like the bracelet he bought me and his reason being is so he can see me wearing it. Thank you dearest.

I like the way he tries to shelter me from the rain, not complaining that I'd forgotten the umpteenth time to bring along the umbrella he gave me. And the look upon his face when worrying when I'm on mc and he's faraway 'why didnt you get sick while i was there beside you?'. Because, it when you are not here I get sick.

I like the way he protects me from eveything and I treasure the feeling of being safe with him.

I hate it when i get mad at him.
I hate it when he feels sad.
I hate being faraway from him.

I love it when he talks incessantly about his day, how he friends tease him and how their jokes backfired, though I feel a little jealous.

I love it when he calls to wish me goodnight, carefully reciting quranic verses before I close my eyes and his sleepy voice when I wake him for fajr.

I love to see the sweet smile on his cute face and the glint upon his eyes. He may not be the most handsome, he's not a romeo wooing with incredible words, but he's loyal and honest, he's perfect and all good to me.
I wished I can be as good as he is. I truly do.

Dearest, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I appreciate. I really do.

My bestfriend, my dearest.


zackyah fimiyun 24 November 2006 at 20:37:00 GMT+8  


postcard yang ternyorok2 tue rupenya...

jiwang jiwang!

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