Sunday, November 12, 2006

men's defense mechanism

I like discovering new things.
Like a cop getting good at his trail or a cat about to jump on a blind mouse.

I anticipate.
I get excited.
My radar loves detecting liars.
And yes i'm damned good at it.

There's this guy who relentlessly trying to impress two ladies how concern he is on the up and about of the bombed-pieces-model Altantuya.That he knows things, you know?

We were reading the news, looking at the pix of what people alleged to be Altantuya.
It's really sexy and I felt sorry right away for those newsman had no sensitivity to expose the semi-naked shoots of her, she's dead and let's not put wild ideas here. So this guy really had to say mmm sexy. I like.

Upon seeing the disbelieved look upon all the ladies, embarassed ~the guy retorted (and switched on to 180 degree 'i'm not bad' mode'): no, I really like girls wholly dressed. Even more so if I can only see the face ONLY. Innocent girls are way to go

I saw his pda once full of pronography.

So we went on discusssing about other things, about a literature work of a purist.
I hooked my bait, directly to fish on him: "You know, this purist is really good. Unlike some of us who would try to mantain innocence while there's paris hilton having a quickie in the pda. I simply detest".

Our guy went cuckoo.
Panic attack.
Scream scream.

In one breath came his answer: "Yeah I know. I hate porno. I definitely don't have any in my pda. Unlike my two buddies (naming them) who goes on forever downloading them..yada ..yada.. yada. Gotcha.Touche
sape yang makan cili, diala yang kepedasan!

He lied.
But what made it so obvious was that he shouldn't have utter a word if he was telling the truth .

I simply detest.
But i still like detecting a liar.
And people's way of defense mechanism.
For men, they will always put the blame on the other (men also, preferrably).I have my sanad. My evidence.

E.g bush
e.g satay man
e.g other primer of the nations. Not naming, but you know too.
you have yours, too?

I love men, even though they're lying, cheating scumbags. -- Gwyneth Paltrow


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