Friday, November 10, 2006

cooler than hot

Yeah, yeah.
Just because I just got back from ethics course, doesn't mean I'm idealistically ethical.
(I say ideal because some does not apply when I'm queing up for a burger and a big man comes chip in angry *nudge* me to a side. Oh, and the rest of us were in line for forty five minutes and you'd just expect us to smile and say; sure big man. You need food more than we do. We're just lining up for you. )
What, I can be cool. Or I can be reasonably angry.
But I chose not to. I'll get my cheeseburger, and all of us can be happy.
Its not as if me a small person who should submit a house plan for my hard-earned flat, when a stay-business man can jump in the queue and claim to defend his error by saying "oh. Its just a techincal flaw, people. Move on".
Its not as if I can stand it when an idiot would stood up when I took my seat.
Well, I'm not saying that I'm perfect, but face the problem you have like a real person.
You don't hide behind your name.
Behind your sweet face and goddammit lies.
When all you can do is backstab and be deceitful.
Maybe I did her wrong, like anyone else in the world, but we keep our cool, we smile and we forgive but you, yes you.. why offer the salt and bombard the whole city?
Why don't you tell the rest how you treated me wrong, cheated on my trust and bought my dignity?
But no. you go on like you were the victim and stood up when we arrived, like a hurt lost and blinded fool.
Like the satay man, why hide behind your true colors?


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