Friday, March 07, 2008


(my label says 'yours truly', so expect a mushy2 irrelevant post for the rest of the world.)

At GMT +5.30, it was only 7.30 am in his morning.
And he just woke up and while he was hurrying to go his dissection hall, he called me.
But at the other side of the planet, it was almost 10.30.

Late by Malaysian standard, lucky this week I'm not working.
And I myself just woke up, too.

Last night we had lil Alya, Kak Di and Abg Pit for dinner.
I was still tired from the stupid jam from Gombak to USJ (thank God for NKVE) and my three-month old new tyre got flat (got it fixed. Valve problem.) and my mother was worried that the guests would have to wait any longer for me to come home from my one day meeting in IIU.
Yes I was tired.
And exasperated that my usual 2.30 am was not interrupted by him.
I was sound asleep as he was, a tiring day for both of us.
So the usual night talk got skipped because the King and his Queen fell asleep.

So the 25 minutes talk this morning felt short, I was glad to hear his voice.

I was still listening to his 'i'm-talking-to-her-mode-voice', suddenly it was gone.
The line went dead.

I might have, in my raised temperament, would hang up the call if I got mad.
Excuse my misgivings, but I am a woman.
Somehow I got my share of drama queen days too.
And allowed to live it extremely once in a month.
(Sorry dear) But knowing him, for almost four years and counting, would never kill the line.

Five minutes later, I received an sms from an unfamiliar number. It goes:

syg, my hp dh kene rampas dgn lecturer...

Hoi no calls/sms allowed in class lah cik.

But I was smiling.
Why he rather skipped his breakfast for a 25 minutes call just to have his cellphone confiscated.

165 jours à aller.
Mais vous savez que je vous attendrai.

Even it means I have to wait for you to get your cellphone back. Haha.

Je t'aime.


mr k,  9 March 2008 at 17:33:00 GMT+8  

hahaha..kantoi besar.. nasib baik dapat blk hp tu..bucuk!

...but I digress 10 March 2008 at 18:15:00 GMT+8  

sape yg bucuk..kalau cadaver tu boleh cakap pun mesti dia yg 1st ngadu kat lecturer bubu..hahah

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