Tuesday, March 25, 2008

have wheels will travel

The last time I ran was weeks ago as my adidas trainers were left in Serdang.
But that few days of zilch cardio workout gave me a hard time to even breathe.

I just turned 25 last week but Uncle Tan next door ran even faster than I can!

While waiting for my trainers to actually walk to me back home, I keep myself happy (and my body~ in a very sorry state I guess) by gardening.

But maybe, just maybe~ I'm having my mid mid life crisis (e.g #1gardening?) (and what about #2 the mad shopping spree in Fotokem?) but right now I really want to go mountain biking.
(Blame syerotte for this Number three madness.)

I used to have a MTB Bike, complete with frontal fork suspension, but I left it to rut in the bicycle shade in Nusaybah, IIU.

Not that intended to (leave it to rut) but that bike was once stolen and when I found it, the bike was chained and locked by the new owner thief. Sukati je.

The thing is I was ym~ing today with Syerotte who said she had fun mountainbiking for 5 hours in Southampton made me miss the time I used to do the same. Giler ah. Memang sangat best.
But she said on caution that a sore bum is unavoidable if the bike is puchased from Giant etc. (read: cheap bikes) Haha. But I told her I'm not going to cycle too long. So the bum will not sore so bad, so I don't think I mind so much.

Truth is, maybe I'm a bit concerned if I can find such time, the weather in Malaysia will not permit me follow what Syerotte do in for her pastime.
Where she is in the, the 'kabus' is not smoke from passing vehicles but real mist.
And people will not jeer or cat-call you just because you're a girl on a bike.
Damn la this kampung mentality.

I was browsing through Ebay and I came across so many of modern bikes. Didn't know that so much technology can be applied to a b-i-c-y-c-l-e.

Anyway, my favorite is the red-framed bike. Just the size for my height, and its tailored for ladies =)

Oooh aaaahs all the way.


mr k,  26 March 2008 at 01:34:00 GMT+8  

je veux vraiment aller faire du vélo avec vous le bébé ! plus tard nous faisons un cycle ensemble bien ?

rase semacam je bile translate blk.hihi. tp i love u!

...but I digress 28 March 2008 at 11:44:00 GMT+8  

hahaha.. réellement je ne comprends pas ce que vous essayez de dire.Hehe. Je t'aime tellement. Mlle vous ! Its not safe here to cycle alone..

ooh the one that we saw in midvalley was really nice..tapi $7000 ler cyg..might as well buat downpayment monster,kan?

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