Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bombshell shock

Dropping the Bomb
Finally I told The Boss. That I'm leaving.
Well, he didn't raise his voice or shown any volcanic emotions, which I rather actually, because his sudden sad change in his face and voice made me feel bad.

Etching a dream: Taj Mahal

Anyway, I have another 57 days to go~ lets not mix more emotions shall we?

Shell shock
Last night was my first trip to a Pakatan Rakyat Ceramah (or in any other way, my first Political ceramah), I was curious (and will remain curious, hence I might not join any of them any soon), last night held at the Kelana Jaya Stadium.
Lim Kit Siang, DSAI spoke.
Too bad Tok Guru didn't come. I was hoping to hear him the most. I think he's cool.

LKS on the big screen

Anyway on the way there we were hit by a Bus from the back (loaded with Teachers).
And because of the momentum, we hit another car.
Untimely accident, unfortunate witnesses.

Puspa's little miracle that kept us alive~ Alhamdulilah

No break neckspeed but the collision was hard and fast, Faisal who sat at the back was vaulted to the front, and my chest was tugged by the seatbelt, so there were bruises there and my neck still hurts ~but we're Ok.

In split second between the two hits I was already thinking to myself: This Is It The End.
But Alhamdulillah.
Alive and kicking, and we continued to soldier on to the Stadium.

shaken not stirred: we're ok.
Duduk2 di rumput hijau mendengar orang bercerita adalah best.

p/s: I still hate rude police officers.
I say "rude" not all.
Hey,I enjoy talking to the Inspector ladies in Department B1 (that's sexual crimes for you)


mr K 1 July 2009 at 18:53:00 GMT+8  

tau tak betapa risaunya abg smlm.. alhamdulillah takde ape2..

oh tak sampai 2 bulan lagi.. by this weekened i will move in to our home..
dah buat list dah@ nk shopping2! ^_6

Nafastari 1 July 2009 at 20:57:00 GMT+8  

Yay, you are coming nearer to me... Hahah... U can come to my place if u want to listen to all those ceramahs. I sendiri akan ceramah!

amicus curiae 6 July 2009 at 15:17:00 GMT+8  


Pakista, to the west of India, maybe we can visit each other?

Mr K cayang:

all ok alhamdulilah :D

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