Sunday, June 14, 2009

felicem diem natalem!

Dear flower witch F.E,

I hope you find your 'white' shining knight, armoured with the silly dozens of flowers you love, which I can't differentiate peonies and lilies, and I know you'll love red rose bookmarked in your literately novels of romantic despairingly poor people, and all the fabulous foods you can think of actually taste better if it's yours (with the exception of Madame Nora's) or maybe a temporal memory lapse to your boss so that you can run beserk in the gallery while going crazy making your craft and making you smile like it always does, as the orphaned kids really smile when you celebrate them by throwing mini parties for them for no reason.

But most of all, I wish you all the happiness you can find, as an angel like you truly deserve.

Happy Birthday, bohs- (checking minor audiences and not really finishing the last syllable. Its your birthday, I'll cut you some slack just for today)

Yours sincerely


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