Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a referendum of sorts

Bukit Gangtang and Bukit Selembau over Batang Ai.
A referendum that the rakyat is not that gullible anymore.
And not tied to singular ketuanan, but moreover to ketuanan rakyat.
Bla bla bla.
If I were a political analyst, I would have a lot to comment.

Bla bla bla.
But I'm not.

I'm just a wife to a wonderful man, waiting to her August break, eagerly counting the days.
Ha ha.

And all this happenings do take out the 'missing something?' feeling.

I seem to have put my working zone out to the max so that when I come back home, I come back home really zoned-out and tired.

And I elastically shorten my me-time by watching the tv with mom, something that I was not used to do, watching the tube oooooo.

And I spend time having meaningful conversations with friends, who gave deeper insights when I listen more than I talk.

And all the books they got me, is another milestone for me as books recommended by them is not the usual books I would buy.

And all this political happenings gave me something to laugh and ponder about, that I think I can quit my day job and write a book about it.

I'm busy out there, but in here.....

Truth is, I miss having him here.
No matter what I do, I still can't shake the feeling off.
Sob sob.

140 days to go.


AALAA' 8 April 2009 at 17:34:00 GMT+8  

ho oh. no matter how many distractions ure trying to abide, in a split second juga akan terkenang .. hm. gudluck ok :)

Amicus Curiae 8 April 2009 at 17:51:00 GMT+8  

:') thanks..its just that i miss my 3/4 half..

uswah 8 April 2009 at 19:41:00 GMT+8  

huhu..gudluck juga! meh makan2 kat kampung baru bersama cik kiah! hhehehehe

mr K 8 April 2009 at 19:42:00 GMT+8  

Im tired of spending all my time alone
If I told you that I realized you're all I ever wanted
And it's killing me to be so far away
Would you tell me that you love me too
And would we cry together

Amicus Curiae 8 April 2009 at 19:49:00 GMT+8  

Ir Uswah cik kiah @ doc zombie itu? skrg dia dah takde masa berpoya2 uswah :( sob sob.
i miss my kaki-rayau (no more) sister.

Mr K ahh you..sweetness.

uswah 9 April 2009 at 15:10:00 GMT+8  

huhu yeke cik kiah dah busy giler mengalahkan kak aff ke? aiyooo.. adekah adik beradik korang sumenye orang uh bekerja keras..kagum gue!

Amicus Curiae 9 April 2009 at 15:51:00 GMT+8  

i told yah yg cik uswah teringatkan chicken chop hR.Pastu yah buat muka sedih.

saya tidak bekerja keras.Saya keras berkerja.hahaha.

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