Friday, April 24, 2009

pictorial of the day

This is an online shopping cart under my name, which my 3/4 better half have access to.

From the top:
1. Liverpool Long Sleeved w/o Carlsberg

2. Chelsea Black Long Sleeved Jersey

3. Adidas 3/4 Track Suit

4. Japan F.A Jersey

5. Chelsea Black Sweater Kit

6. Liverpool FC Kit Bag

7. and Chelsea Training Kit Jersey.

Only One Item is Mine.
The One on Top. Obviously.

no the Liverpool Kit Bag is his.
(cubaan ambil hati yeh.. hehe takpayahla..barang2 LFC tak marketable, semuanya tak cantik. Hehe. Tapi takpe.YNWA.)

Eh Mana gi Jersey AC Milan yeee?
And AC Milan all-weather jacket?

eh hilaang!

p/s: dia rambang mata bila tengok jersey banyak2. Siapa yang shopaholic nieyh!

His staple daily wear is alternate other teams jerseys, including those he swore off.
Being true to his passion to the beautiful game, he don't seem to mind donning even the Devils' jersey.
Though he tries not to wear so much of the CfC while going out or staying home with me. Hehehe. Fair lah. Aku pun tak de jersey Liverpool.
Naa we don't annoy each other with the team we support. :P

Oh malam ni aku akan berteater.
Mahsuri. The last I watched Mahsuri was when in highschool.
I love Fridays :D


mr K 25 April 2009 at 02:03:00 GMT+8  

hahaha.. mmg rambang mata.. rase nak borong semua je.. nafsu2..
beg kasut LFC tu mmg cool la.. hihi.

ada org tu promote, :P
oh tak sabarnye nk tgk my wife pakai jersey no2 tu..

Amicus Curiae 25 April 2009 at 16:35:00 GMT+8  

ohhh baju hitam tu for me rupanya? :P
hehe (ingatkan takde for the wife) :P

haq: i enjoyed last night show, even more than pgl, even though ada banyak technical qlitches,but it moved me to tears.I heart Vanida Imran. And the lady who played Wan Manora. Cico is annoying as ever.

Tapi rasa macam the show was tad too short :( tak puas.

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