Sunday, August 03, 2008


1. furniture shopping
Went out for an early morning furniture hunting with Mom.
Guess who we met shopping too:

(overheard conversation of his wife to the salesman: bilik kat atas tu ada 2,3...)
belum menang pun da
h ada rumah baru ke bang?
Wah aku macam paparazi.

2. sweetest survey answer
Somewhere in India, a survey asking which is more important, friendship or love, was being posed at some med school students. The reporter hunted with a mic and armed with a videocam.

Boys answered friendship, and girls, love.

And to the escaping microphone and recorder, he said :

Because I'm in love with my bestfriend."



mr K 3 August 2008 at 21:52:00 GMT+8  

happy friendship day my love..

u are my bestfriend!

zackyah fimiyun 4 August 2008 at 10:27:00 GMT+8  


har har har......


...but I digress 4 August 2008 at 15:28:00 GMT+8  

i was told that the survey conducted in conjunction with friendship day.

happy friendship day, guys =)

alak,  4 August 2008 at 17:44:00 GMT+8  

"wah aku macam paparazi" -- hahaha agak la..

happy frenship day, i missed u at kak mar's semalam.. kak mar kate "ha ah afzan dah blk dah.. awak missed la die, die dah pakai lawa2 dah td" hehehe ;p

...but I digress 4 August 2008 at 18:08:00 GMT+8  

alak, not bad for an incidental paparazi.

happy friendship day to u,too.Manade pakai lawa2 grrr (because the friends who came wore so casually.Aku je pakai baju kurung).kalau tak smpat bergosip.apa la alak.

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