Tuesday, August 12, 2008

of Horace's Odes and the song

Hit dirt, shake tree
Split sky, part sea
Strip smile, lose cool
Bleed the day and break the rule
Live to win, dare to fail
Eat the dirt and bite the nail

Then make me miss you
Then make me miss you

So wash your vice away with dirt
It don't feel good until it hurts
So take this world and shake it
Come squeeze and suck the day
Come carpe diem baby

The masterpiece and him at The art gallery.
17831351 seconds. Every single heart beats, there will be you.
I wish you all the best. Carpe diem, baby.. and then make me miss you.

After court today I went to MPH to buy me a new book.
Unfortunately they don't accept maybankard (what?!)

I guess its true that people with plastic money is always favoured over those who have real money.

Eh helo but I don't live my life in credit, I prefer cash flows smooth like the river Ganges.

I pun malas nak naik turun tangga cari ATM. So I tak jadi beli lah buku itew.
OU is far too big for a grumbling stomach and a mumbling discontent.

Horace, you'll have to wait.
While James H is singing your chorus.


mr K 13 August 2008 at 02:33:00 GMT+8  

i miss u baby..
lama tak gi Ou. nanti kita g sama2.
tanak bg dia g sorg2

midnight blue eyed 13 August 2008 at 11:33:00 GMT+8  

thats what the world is,afterall.Plastic.

...but I digress 13 August 2008 at 12:03:00 GMT+8  

tibe2 rasa mcm nak gi ou..nyesal plak sbb mph sangatlah tidak best,n ou sgtlah besar..tak convenient sungguh.baik gi the curve.

plastic eh.i guess it is..

Anonymous,  13 August 2008 at 12:38:00 GMT+8  

the curve? jum petang ni.I'm hungry oledi.with me you jangan takut.i ada banyak credit card.(duit je takde) ahahahaha


Mr O,  13 August 2008 at 17:03:00 GMT+8  

sungguh aku tak berape ingat.... lambaian mu/ku itu...

Mr O,  13 August 2008 at 18:03:00 GMT+8  

atau kau/aku yg tersilap orang(s)?

...but I digress 14 August 2008 at 09:46:00 GMT+8  

faraa: aisey I opened this box too late,or the offer is still open?

mr o: haha maybe semua kemungkinan yg kau/aku lambai sbb macam familiar face-budak uia.takpe2 len kali aku sergah betul2 just to make sure.

encik o,  14 August 2008 at 18:25:00 GMT+8  

encik o membalas:

akan ku nanti kepastian itu.

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