Tuesday, August 05, 2008

evil kah aku?

What do you do when you know your friend’s fiance is cheating on her?

Consider this:

You saw him cheating on her.
You warned her about him before about it but no heed was taken.

Because you made it clear to her your disapproval to anyone taking advantage on your friends.
But she said oh time will change him, he will be a better man and a loyal husband,even God accepts His servant's repentance blablabla that you're just being over protective I don't need people looking after me thank you.
After all when she cried for his sins, she troubled her days praying for him. For them.

And you saw him cheating recently.
They're getting married end of this year.

I'm not telling no more.
Good luck.


Anonymous,  5 August 2008 at 17:55:00 GMT+8  

SCAREYNYER IF ITS ME PLEASE PLEASE TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Eh.I'm not getting married at all.Hohoh.Paranoid.Eh takla if its me please hit me with the truth always even if I die choking hearing it.

Peace out.

zackyah fimiyun 5 August 2008 at 21:36:00 GMT+8  

aku ke?

tidak.tidak..i also not getting married this year or next year....sgt scary siot...

well,yah mmg akan mlenting blablabla..but believe me,my mouth sometimes can listen...u know laa..

evil ke?

memang keji deh..kalau tak paham lg si budak tsbut..nasib le

zackyah fimiyun 5 August 2008 at 21:39:00 GMT+8  

tapi kan mmg orang2 perempuan can be stupid laa..kecuali laa aku wanita tak stupid girl seperti dalam lagu garbage....

tapi aku hot laa.bukan pretend lagi dah..uwek uwek

mr K 5 August 2008 at 21:45:00 GMT+8  

sape ni? bukan abg kan? hahaha!
saya setia orgnye... hihi

tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

...but I digress 6 August 2008 at 00:14:00 GMT+8  

Fara,Yah,Cyg (especially cyg since the person i meant is a she hehe):

maaf.jawapan anda salah.sila cuba lagi.

evil ke?cos i told her so many times b4,fell on deaf ears,some more i got snubbed.plus it will be so weird if they call off the wedding just because a lil bird's news,kan.

yah kau mmg hot (headed) mwahaha.

ayu,  6 August 2008 at 08:24:00 GMT+8  

sape? sape? sumwan that we both noe???
eiihh kepohci seh aku nih...

...but I digress 6 August 2008 at 10:47:00 GMT+8  

hahaha ayu2..bukan org terdekat kite..nopes..eh ni bukan permainan teka teki la korang!

hazw,  6 August 2008 at 15:56:00 GMT+8  

haha i understand how u feel.have u heard about what ol' wise people used to say:

"you only offer words of advice to those asking for it."


but as a girlfriend,do we owe each other 'that' responsibility?

...but I digress 6 August 2008 at 18:11:00 GMT+8  

well,well..it will be different story if she starts singing soko's out tuned I'll Kill her song.

in that case, i have that responsibility.

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