Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So not in the mood.

I've been duped by the opponent lawyer.
Trapped, beaten, bruised and eaten alive by the crook of a lawyer.
Friends, be very wary with your opponent.
It could be vital, although you're all backed up by the rules, but the law can be bent and twisted...

memang sangat weng:
this morning I had the urge to tender my resignation and I saw the face in the mirror shouting chicken shit!! ha ha and I laugh at myself, and I promise myself that I'll take yesterday's hearing in a stride ;-)

not so mengong:
Somebody bought a body-fat weighing machine after someone brought in two boxes of Herbalife diet formula. And when the heads start rolling... I must fit that dress!

aku yang mengong.
Went pyramid after court with the Mak's carkeys in my handbag. How it ended there and why I want to know. So I had to leave the nice parking spot at 12 in the afternoon to fetch 'em back. Haicha.

mengong counting:
after three days of happy fulfilling meals of nasi lemak kukus, kenny rogers and pizza hut I (still) managed to kick 0.5 kg off. Ha ha. Aku curious je nak tau if the thing works. Mak's bodyfat weighing machine helps this paranoia actually. Waghh. Tapi diet ape melantak macam b*bi.

Oh it works.
Kalau tak, takdela korang tengok Herbalife on Beck's jersey kan. (hoi tak constructive sunguh la kan argument itu)
thanks (not you la beckham) for the friends and family who had fired my spirits up again..


shhh...veiled in secrecy.. 20 August 2008 at 21:08:00 GMT+8 r funny.
ok.i wanna get home.
you r officially invitd for my sis's engagement. a week after raya bah.

mr K 20 August 2008 at 21:22:00 GMT+8  

i also have a bad day.. luckily i have u by my side.. (nak nangis)

...but I digress 20 August 2008 at 21:32:00 GMT+8  

hehe.haszi,insyaAllah i come..

bubuchan..sabar ye...i love u so much..

uswah 21 August 2008 at 08:39:00 GMT+8  

hahaha.. skrg ni musim diet ke? yang penimbang tuh obviuously not for u kan? hahaha

DeNy dA grEat 21 August 2008 at 09:58:00 GMT+8  

penimbang 2 terlalu 'accurate' sgt la.. jgn percaye penimbang yah yg bengong 2..

AALAA' 21 August 2008 at 10:07:00 GMT+8  

jap, u wanna go on diet? y oh y? mcm tak penah nmpk tanda2 kelemakan pun kat hehe but again, if beckham yg superfit pun mkn herbalife,, lets just assume u taking the herbalife to fit & regularize ur body. hehehe

p/s:seriously? beckham mkn herbalife??

...but I digress 21 August 2008 at 12:30:00 GMT+8  

uswah and fariz: penimbang tu baru dibeli oleh shows percentage of body fat and body hydration...hehe bukan untuk yang weight conscious,tapi health conscious kot..

beckham tak support herbalife,L.A glaxy's jersey dia je yang endorse..
i'm having it to maintain my weight..kalau tak jaga..hahaha..its actually good health product.

Anonymous,  21 August 2008 at 13:49:00 GMT+8  

ok. u too my dear cousin??? kat kuantan ni sumer org da dmm herbalife. me? im not in too it sbb da meluat sbbnyer ade yg da jd mcm obsessed.

sincerely yours,
ur egoistic cousin.

...but I digress 21 August 2008 at 13:51:00 GMT+8  


since when you become egoistical anonymous, dear cousin..hehehe i can smell youuuuuuuu..

nah im just trying it out.i feel good! nak support yah sbnarnya,at the same time dapat benefit :)

midnight blue eyed 21 August 2008 at 17:21:00 GMT+8  

thats how you level your stress.a hint of effeminate anger.Oops i mean a toned-down anger,perhaps.

zackyah fimiyun 22 August 2008 at 01:59:00 GMT+8  


i'm the only fatso in the family okay! i really need to be extra careful okay supaya aku tak nak minum air gula ketika mgandung kerana berat melebihi 80kg (sgt paranoid).harharharh...tiap2 hari mak suruh turun 20kgs!! haha-aff,be afraid,aku lagi 10kgs myamai dikau!sbb dah hilang 7kgs!

nak support daku? eleh, bukan hang ke nak nampak cun ketika majlis gilang gemilang jalur gemilang tahun depan hang ke?..harharhar...yah cuma nak nampak cun ketika hadir ke kenduri kawen rakan2 aje..

aff yg mengong-mgambil ayam drumstik dalam mee goreng mak sehingga mbuatkn daku hampir2 mnangis..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

farhati 22 August 2008 at 08:24:00 GMT+8  

erkss..kau nak diet amendenye?????
(*eyes rolling*; disbelief)


farhati 22 August 2008 at 08:24:00 GMT+8  

erkss..kau nak diet amendenye?????
(*eyes rolling*; disbelief)


...but I digress 22 August 2008 at 10:54:00 GMT+8  

hehe apesal bila aku start amek herbalife ni semua orang ingat aku nak diet,instead of sbenarnya aku

1) nak mencuba
2) no harm,right?
3) health benefits (dari aku kenyang makan jeruk,hehehe)
4) nak mantain
5) supaya aku tak nampak macam tong pecah suatu hari nanti
6) curious haha
8) body fat weighing machine tu buat aku rasa cuak..huuu

yah,you're not that fat anymore.haha aku habiskan cik mendenya :)

...but I digress 22 August 2008 at 14:08:00 GMT+8  

oo yah. im glad for you, not so afraid really) sbb kau suka beli baju chantek2 so when ure my size..hehe i can share your wardrobe :D

point is in this mengong post is to show:
1) mengong days in court
2) not about beckham
3) all mengong-ness can be cured spirits' rocket high again.

farhati 22 August 2008 at 16:19:00 GMT+8  

no laa.. kau kan cam sportwoman.. active.. tu yg aku cam asal nak jaga makan pulak dah.. cam tak cukup2 ke berlarian membakar kalori tuh? hehe..

anyway, it's good to have a healthy lifestyle.

tu baru check body fat je af.. try check physical age.. heh..

...but I digress 22 August 2008 at 17:12:00 GMT+8  

i takut "cholesterol issues", atie huhuhuh...

::zet0ty[-_-"]:: 22 August 2008 at 18:49:00 GMT+8  

hehehe..ayuhlaa copot balik faris is here..bilik kau pun dah nampak mcm hotel si zt buatkan... =)

::zet0ty[-_-"]:: 22 August 2008 at 18:53:00 GMT+8  

yeay..tgk laa blog dm 45 crew..zt dpt dapat no2...mak dapat no3..i got no.4, kongsi tempat dgn yiz..nanai no6..dan kakgee dpt no 7... yah nak berusaha nak dptkan no2 jadilaaa (tak kan dapat berat 39kg mcm et kot)

zackyah fimiyun 22 August 2008 at 19:15:00 GMT+8  

ceh sungguh..zt tu guna sama pic dgn yah aje...tu yg tu yahahaha

...but I digress 23 August 2008 at 07:45:00 GMT+8  

hehe zt mengemas umah,yah jadi maharani kaaaaan? tak snonoh!

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