Monday, January 22, 2007

and this one goes out to...

to my him.

He deserved all the best things for his brithday last 16th.

I wish he gets the nissan skyline (though I still think it looks kinda mafioso and inapropriate for a doctor) he always wanted.

I wish I can get him the ZZR (ala House's machine, macho innit, girls? We just love nice guys with mean bikes. But House is just the total opposite) so that he can always come home to me in a jiffy.

I wish he savors the finest birthday cake with terribly big crowd wishing him happiness for his life ever after with loyal friends he can always count on.

I wish I could afford replace his ol' trusty cellphone, with the latest technology because he is always careful with his belongings. Or what ever gadgety gadgets nowadays.

I wish all the money can buy all the things if it means so much to any other man, but not him.
He wouldn't want any of it.
Thats why I adore him.

Most of all.. I wish that i could stop anything in this world from hurting him.
I wish for his happiness and may God protect him always with His Grace and Love.

And for my birthday.. I wish for his smile.


lidah penghunus 24 January 2007 at 00:40:00 GMT+8  

assalamualaikum. jemputlah ke dan serta

nabilah hani 27 January 2007 at 18:09:00 GMT+8  

salam. glad to c u bck k af..

these terms im interested in but dont really get what they mean.

legal aid?
pro bono?

..u mean a good aider? u do e litigation job for free?


take care u two lovebirds. u two really make me jealous.


mrs k 4 February 2007 at 22:10:00 GMT+8  

to lidah penghunus: thank u for your invitation,(thought i dont really appreaciate the intention, what ever it is)

to nabil: hey girl! bona is like the free of charge service you give to others, and legal aid is the 'venue' that kind of service is yes, litigation for free.

don't get jealous,you pun 2x5 je okey!

zackyah fimiyun 5 February 2007 at 12:57:00 GMT+8  


i'm d one who shud b jelous...

but whut d heck nway..bcz i'm so thankful my sis found her antidote for her baran...

kawen laa cepat2 although i myself would end up feeling ssooooo andartu..hahaha,damnit! i care even less...

zackyah fimiyun 7 March 2007 at 00:26:00 GMT+8  

aff..kau kena tag..tak kira..kena jawab gak..tak kira..kena jawab gak..

baca blog aku....

Dhani 9 April 2007 at 20:50:00 GMT+8  

awak. jom menulis di GOBLOG#2 :).

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