Monday, May 27, 2013


I think I am now washing my hands clean out of the GE13 blackout aftermath.

Its too noisy, the cacophony dampens the spirit of democracy. Or mine. Lol.
The people have spoken, and nobody like cheaters as well as sore losers, but life must go on.

If you have to ask me, do what you must, but do your work.
People can see underneath all the shenanigans and bad ad campaigning, the worth of your honest work.

I'll vote for clean city, meaningful education (free or not does not matter to me) accountable records, approachable statesmen and yes, welfare based community that provides for both security and safety.

That's what got me into writing.

Two madmen went beserk and murdered a man on the street, while declaring political and (sadly) religion (Islamic) motives. You can just google it, it'll tell you the details of how witnesses came by and sheltered the body while  stopping the murderers from rampaging on. Makes you feel diehard series feel comical. Go, google.

What strikes me, is ofcourse the backlash on Muslim community.
The name and blame game. The anger. Finger pointing.
Remember when there was a caricature mocking Rasullullah?

Yes, in that same spirit, in the same line I wish I can make a point to say this:
I simply feel that our reaction to things like this, should be measured.

(Says the fiery tempered lady) --->t; guilty, but when its done in masses, it could be seen as a united voice.

Personally I've had enough of convincing people that Islam does not condone violence, and lets not forget the bigotry of biased prevailance when its done by a nonmuslim its deemed as psychatric based personal problem but when its done by Muslims, its terrorism all the way.

But what could I say when muslims' reaction to these incidents had been frightening at the same time.
(The same fiery angry people who does nothing say when people insulting te Prophet everyday by not following his daily sunnatic traditions. Same difference.)

I dunno.
I wish everyone, including myself, can see how lucky we are to have Prophet Muhammad as our leading example: Him having grace under preasure.

Grace under pressure.
The very moment your head goes pop!
Can you smile, and offer a hand at your brother?

Maybe not, but can't we stop shouting and inciting hate?
I think we can.


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