Friday, January 09, 2009

long way to run

I walk amidst the crowd, the hot sun smothering my almost-thick-skin, a product of the Malaysian courts after 2 years of Private Practice.
Had my penguin black-and-white suit, not forgetting the hijab and the Palestine-mafla around my neck.

I must be crazy to be walking like this (I’m in Kuala Lumpur, not Zurich) if not for to show my support.

This time, for Palestine.

But crazy is what indelible ideas a rational man can not grasp.
No one understood Van Gogh. Him, the crazy bloke who chopped his ear off.
And later made a genius after his death.

But we must be even crazier, if the only methods to show support to Palestine (and other war crimes) thinkable by us are:

  • a) through a Demo
  • b) boycotting products
  • c) sending memorandumsss

Don’t put me just yet. I’m not sidelining the efforts of the true believers of Freedom.

I’m still holding onto my placard “No to ZOG”, the mafla around my neck with other supporters in the Anti Zionist Demo.
I skipped everything when it involves the items in the Boycott American product list.
The only thing I don’t do is by writing memorandum (because me I’m just a small nobody? and eff-it. No one cares about Memorandums anyway~ you think they give a damn?)

But just as soon as the dust settles, no one remembers anything anymore.

People would start queing for their favourite baristas for the caffeine shots, and have their Happy Meal to cajoule their 5 year old screaming kid.
Yeah sure, admit it you can’t live without your DKNY perfumes and Nokia phones.

I applaud every single step of showing support, but there’s so much we can do.

Criminilise war.

In the longer run, people take it easy on the matters of war just because it happens to other countries. It can never happen to our country.
So why be afraid? So why fear the worse if its a trend in some region?

Simply put it, we don’t prepare ourselves for it.
We’re in the comfort zone and oh so business like.

"The unthinkable wouldn’t happen."
Oh really.
You’d think, this country is full of peace-loving ppl?
That we'll always be protected and safe?
With ISA and all, think again.

OK so maybe the battlefield is a long stretch to think about, but the idea of agression should be made unholy. Sickening. Gory. Avoidable.

And the way that this country is run, you look to our kids, and you would know the kids know zilch about the world. All you can hear is the blastening Sure Heboh and Rihanna is coming to town.

I’ve no problem with Entertainment.
But we’ll have problem once it’ll be Entertainment AND nothing else.

(and we already have! look at the Mat Rempits and you’ll soon be thinking apa ada dalam kepala hotak depa kecuali booze dan sex?)

Preparations of avoiding (another) war.
Step One does not include how to assemble home made Kalashnikovs.
But it includes: intellects.

Go around the local universities + schools and tell me apart from the academic-papered-education, if they teach anything else.
Do they teach about the Freedom Fighters.
Do they teach about collective social responsibility.
Do they teach about values.
Do they tell you about the TRUTH.
(And you know no question marks are necessary)

We can’t catch up with the pace of the world, because we don’t have enough intelligence.
Technologies are always trade-dependent.
Nak beli weapon pun kena beli second hand. (Helpless)

But thats physical assets, thats why my learned IP friends would still have their business.
What I'm talking is about the "other" asset, seems THE only person owning IT in this country is (and as claimed by) the infallible DR. M alone.
(Aku tak cakap.) But at least he's got a ticket to claim as one, kan?

We need to be respected. For our views to be accepted.
We need to stand in our OWN economy stronghold.
We need our independence.
Without that, 100 of our memorandumsss are all going down the drain.


What we need to do is we must must must must have intellectual responsible passionate nation.
And there’s no other way but to educate the next generation.
To get that, there’s no other way but to change whatever system.

And then maybe we can start thinking about defending whatever we have.
Not with this county, where the loudest shouts were heard during New year celebrations.

Long way to run.
And in this short run, we're already short of time.


mr K 9 January 2009 at 15:05:00 GMT+8  

syg g demo ke pagi td?

sikit sgt yg kita boleh buat..doa + bg derma je.. negara2 arab pulak semua mcm patung je.. kalau masa ada sadam hussin dulu yahudi laknatullah ni tak berani nk serang palestine..

ya hazimal ahzab, ihzimhum! wansurna a'laihim!

Anonymous,  9 January 2009 at 17:59:00 GMT+8  

good writing there, dear fellow countryman.

except u and me (and few others) the aggression strikes no concern at all to the rest of our malaysians.

Amicus Curiae 21 January 2009 at 11:03:00 GMT+8  

oh well...

we can start with our ownselves..nabi opn suh kita blaja tinggi2..

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