Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google Tag

Macam symptom kan.
Aku dah lama tak update blog sebab sangat bz di office.
Tapi bila aku buat post yg berunsurkan Tag, nampak sangat aku nak buang masa tak sabar nak tunggu pukul 6. . Oh!

Anywaaay. Here's the Tag.

a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the first minimal words of explanation.
b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you've finished answering every question page of results.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday :

2. A place you'll like to travel to :
Monte Carlo

3. Your favourite place :
close. Was searching for cockpit (of a car)

4. Your favourite food(s) :
Puspa. jum berKenny lagi..

5. Your favourite pet :
almost asked it to be on hantaran gifts..haha

6. Your favourite colour combination :

7. Your favourite piece of clothing :

8. Your all time favourite song :

9. Your favourite tv show :

10. First name of your significant other/crush :
any guesses for anyone starting with K?

and then I found this: Khalis the MUMMY! mwahaaaahaha

11. The town in which you live in :

12. Your screen name or nickname :13. Your first job :
Yup. Dunkin Donut girl.

14. Your dream job :
not him, but his job.

15. Your worst fear :
16. The one thing you'd like to do before you die :
nuke Israel. Even when its not by me.

17. The first thing you'll buy if you get $10,000,000 :
its in our blood..

Now I'm tagging:
1. Encik K
2. Captain Doctor tersebut
3. Zetty (sebab tau dia balik cuti)
4. Sasha (time time I'm tagging u ait)
5. YOU!


mr K 20 January 2009 at 20:21:00 GMT+8  

I am the mummy?? hahaha!
keroro mmg bucuk!

love ur answer!
nak wat cepat2 tag ni..

An unexplained mind 21 January 2009 at 10:34:00 GMT+8  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amicus Curiae 21 January 2009 at 11:26:00 GMT+8  

mula1 google "K" (kengkonon nak retain your cyber anonymity) tapi takut tak specific google KHalis terus kuar "khalis the mummy"

wahay unexplained mind, kamu macam ada kerja lain sebelum 2.2.09 ini..hahaha

AALAA' 21 January 2009 at 11:45:00 GMT+8  

wauu sexy tu ur 1st job! hahaha
pls la jgn letak gambo keni rojes nye makanan..telan liur je haku kat opis ni ha...

Amicus Curiae 21 January 2009 at 12:28:00 GMT+8  

tula jangan main2 aku misappropriate bagi discount to regular customers (merangkap kawan2) tapi at the same time membuatkan DD tersebut MAJU.

JUM alak kita makan KENNY. I can never say no to Kenny! (eh beliau tak de dalam senarai boikot kan)

Amicus Curiae 21 January 2009 at 14:24:00 GMT+8  

oops.unexplained mind is not yah rupanya.my apologies.

a-a-la-a (the way some ppl wud pronounce),  23 January 2009 at 16:33:00 GMT+8  

haa ahh...never say no to kenny!! (kalo poket time tebal = ujung/ awal bulan aa)

jum, jum jumalai! heheh nanti i dpt gaji, i roger u to the rogers! cewah konon je rhyme..

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