Monday, April 16, 2007

only supermen can polygamize

At least in Malaysia.
Because its a trend here.
Because they don't see it as an added responsibility, just another way to getaway.

The first wives hysterically tugging the hair of the other "honeys" while their husbands seek after public symphaty.

"I only do it because following the Prophetic tradition to polygamize".
"Women nowadays are rebels. Too much liberty given. This feminisme have to stop"
"Cannot meh? I've to teach her I AM THE MAN"
"She rarely cooks at home".
"Everone's doing it".
"Barulah jantan".
"She won't give birth".

You stupid idiots.
Referring to the 1st premises of many reasons, a good man following the Prophet's teaching won't talk like the rest.

And assuming your first wife is screaming hysterically now that you marry again, surely you haven't done her good to gain her confidence to let you marry?

And seeing that even a mother could've killed her own offsprings as a sign of protest againt her husband's wish to marry another woman, isn't that a sign that the poor wife lacks something and needs proper attention from the husband (not by marrying another woman to abandon her 'lackness in something) (read:mentally/emotionally instable)

And those underpaid men wanting to get married is also stupid.
When you die,, all you four wives and children would continue fighting over the sickly looking Proton Saga you left them and lets not forget the debts when you want to add wives.

I'm sorry that the Malaysian system in conquered by them, girls.
Or else we would've make them adhere to these conditions in their application to poliygamize:

1. Men must finish certain course of education.
2. The wives must understand and being so, must be stable in emotion to allow.
3. To achieve this, the men must first treat their wives rightly so.
4. This must be shown to prove that they're just.
5. Men must earn more than RM3,000 for every wife they wish to marry.
(Hmm. For now)

Or not, it amounts to sadd ad-dhara'ie.
Failing which, although it is permissable, it should be prevented.
(I know some requirement is implemented in Syariah Courts, but the failure seems to root out from the fact most men opt to polygamise in Thai. So do what most modern Muslim country is doing: ban polygamy. Except to those who had fulfilled the requrements) . Hello, before you men get upset, remember I do not oppose the sunnah of the Prophet, no I don't but remember the Quranic requirement "if only you can be just".

And I know most of you think you're adil, so I don't see a problem of letting others judge you being just or just in lust.

Malaysian men especially.
When they polygamize, they optimized the nation-family problem.
Divorce rate up, children rempit bohsia, angry at their petty family problem why can't our dad just keep up with one wife?

Baca fatihah pun salah tajweed. Ada hati nak ikut sunnah nabi.
Nabi pun, lepas isteri kesayangan wafat, barulah dia kahwin lagi.

To those men following the good example of the Prophet, lead your men.


Ein 21 April 2007 at 20:48:00 GMT+8  

you're damn funny lah Af. but totally, i agree. damn you men out there..

pakdi,  6 June 2007 at 17:48:00 GMT+8  

"Baca fatihah pun salah tajweed. Ada hati nak ikut sunnah nabi."

Af, nanti check my tajweed eh :P

mrs k 1 August 2007 at 15:59:00 GMT+8  

eleh pakdi, taula tajweed awak okey. Hahaha, ada hati lah tu. Its ok, ada hati pun takpe,sbb u're one of the rare kind,just be sure to be good example to your fellow bani adam lah ye. =)

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