Monday, April 30, 2007

being stupid

How I always say to some friends " some people remain stupid"
(to their careless but deliberate forgetfulness Oh-I-see and cute tripping over something stupid)

and I remember Melati would cleverly add "but others develop it"

I never thought that could ever happen to me.

Hey, I read law and cynics whaaat.

So I consume unbelievable of amount of asam jeruk you name it, sleep not lesser than 12 hours daily, gotten fat and had trouble spelling things right. All this in my one month holiday.
And holiday it was.
And I'm not sharper. (Hearing Sasha telling me" Ala dah you cuti 3 bulan tak buat pape").
It is as if you're guaranteed to be stupid.

Hey! I thought holidays are good for you!

And I'm not even 25 yet.

I was busy writing on the whiteboard during the legal aid advance training with mr Sivarasa Rasiah (omg, i know) and infront of 40 gawking eyes I'd just proven to myself and those 20-odd audience stupidity can be developed.

But they don't blame me. I got grundnorm right.
Except the treatment I got from one of the participant (yeah but she's a committee who was asked to join in as a participant because she can't mix with other people well. Well!) whom for me, is just plain arrogant and bitchy but since she's doing that to everyone else except boys, so how can that make me feel so bad? Hahahahahaa.

One month before becoming a full-fledged lawyer in a engineering-law firm, and I'm still stupid. (maybe even developed stupider).

Not anymore guys.
So I'm running miles now, trying to finish Bryson's short history to nearly everything, rereading Tuesdays' with Morrie (hey, I need some pengisian moral. Yeah right, from a dead Jewish professor. But Believe me, a good Muslim picks up any kind of knowledge, no?) and other books too. And I'm cutting all that asam intake too.

All hoping that I can be back at my best.
Of not being stupid.

The asam part is the hardest. Sob sob.
(See what I mean?)


melati,  9 May 2007 at 11:20:00 GMT+8  

haha! af, no worries. since my 10 month absence from kl, i, too, have managed to upgraded (or downgraded?) myself to a whole new level of stupidity. despite being surrounded by arguably the most intelligent legal minds in the world.

because all it takes, is one other similar-minded person. that's enough to cancel out the effect of the intelligence of 1500 others.

but i think i know what your problem is. now that i'm NOT there, you do not have any convenient person to blame things on anymore, except yourself ;-)

mrs k 2 June 2007 at 15:58:00 GMT+8  

Oh uh.Now that you're coming back home for good soon,..I have two persons in this world who knows how stupid I am.In my perimeter!No! Somebody please get Mel a Phd prog in Greenland or something.

But at the mo', my boss would agree with you.So that makes 3.


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