Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wear 'em

Probably I should not.
But I always cringe to people who wear 'their sins' on their skin, like a scarlet letter. Negative energies, (which I find it hard to control),should stay within oneself. Unless you let it out, it won’t go a-bombing. That is why I love to see people wearing their wedding band, it signifies family, bond and love. It’s a whole lot different matter if you see people with self-inflicted scar ‘down with capitalism’. (Please, no hate mails).  It just goes on to show differences, hate and, negativity. But most of the time I just put a sock in my mouth, to avoid any nasty exchange of ideologies. (Well, there’s various ways to channel your frustration. Wearing ‘em is not- IMHO).

That's why when I pointed to my opponent's left arm, with a tattoo inscribing a date – I assumed it was dated for a happy, joyous moment in his life. “Wedding huh?” ice breaker my foot.

gambar adalah hiasan. Google of course.

He said, “No, it’s the worst day of my life”.
I should keep my trap shut but instead there goes Afzanic blurting “why would you want to be reminded of something that makes you sad?”.

Okay preachy me.
He simply retorted with a kind voice “so that it can remind me  that I wouldn’t be that monster anymore”.
“You see, before that date, I couldn’t even talk to anyone without raising hell”

Here I am. Hot in court. With a 6 footer opponent with yakuza tattoos and I’m poking into his personal life. But still he told me he got himself and his family into so many trouble because of his ways. He sought fulfillment through quick, wrong ways. And the tattoo-ed date was the end of his evil ways. He didn’t tell me what happened on that fateful day, but I guess it made him whoever he is today.

To tell you the truth, he had been a wonderful opponent (which is quite rare, coming from the legal field). Soft spoken and always cooperative.

I guess I could make amend with modern day scarlet letter wearers.
Just that it’s not for me.


mr K 14 December 2011 at 00:30:00 GMT+8  

tu la.. kenapa nk ingat benda yg sedih? tp rasenye abg dulu pun penah wat sumting camtu la..sbb nk ingat benda yg memalukan n setiap kali pndg rase semangat gile2(tp kejap je sbb tulis dgn pen haha).

in other hand, ahli syurga yg penah masuk neraka pun ada tanda yg dia ex-nerakaian... mmmm..kene pikir hikmah tu..

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