Saturday, January 29, 2011

roti basi

I like the number 23.
My firstborn was born on 23 September, and I had said yes to his father, almost six years ago, on a 23 December.

If you ask me, what I've learnt about the roller-coaster ride of 6 years together, I'd say the most important thing in a relationship is compassion.
Not even loyalty.

Without compassion such thing as wonderful as love would lead the two of you into an obsessive, jealousy-driven relationship. You'd say no to your partner's need to breathe (from you. hey, remember s/he is an individual, not your conjoined twin)  Pastu pakat pakai baju sedondon tapi bila gaduh tak ingat akhirat. Please lah. So tingkatan 2 punya cinta.

Couple t-shirt. So lame. rofl

And without compassion, loyalty will not just tumble into its place. No siree.
Let me give you a comparison:

Bayangkan menunggu kawan kau yang contact kau time dia nak promote bisnes MLM je. Pastu lambat 4 jam. Panas tak panas. Walaupun lepas tu dia belanja kau greentea starbucks, kau still rasa nak pelangkung dia, kan? No way you'll let that happen again.

Bezakan kalau korang tunggu untuk cinta hati kau? sanggup berhujan berpanas, kan?
Cinta hati punya pasal. No hal lah.

(At the spur of the moment lah. Time mengorat lautan berapi pun sanggup redah)

But, when you wait for your cinta hati for the next 40 years come rain or 'shine, that's what I call compassion.
Compassion is what keepin' the love alive y'all.

N.b. I need to be more compassionate. Porfavour.

Lek2. A woman's imagination is so wired up ad infinitum.
I wrote this because of number 23.
Because today, on 29th January 2011, I almost ate an expired loaf of bread, dated 23 January.

Huargh I need help. Mekeke.


Z.Sofia 29 January 2011 at 23:05:00 GMT+8  

Nganga, macam kena je kat et. hahaha

HiDa 1 February 2011 at 18:28:00 GMT+8  

Affie, did Kamarul tell you that we are coming to visit lil Hanzalah this sunday?

Aku tak sure die bgtau kau ke tak but I'll confirm with him nnt.

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