Sunday, December 10, 2006

flowers and trees


i just love his band. And his cute mousache. I'm having a huge crush since Ethan Hawke (them both resembled a lot, no?) Fact he is a mormon. Hmm. He must have hard time filling his wives quota :P


Me and mom, we were just passing ttdi to pick up Nett from MU for her week long arab-camping, when the signboard of a shop caught my attention. PANGKAL MELATI.

Me: what a weird name for a shop.
Mom: 'Tis not. Its normal for trees.
Me: No, I'm thinking about THE person (here's one for u, mel)
Mom: Oh. ( A long pause) But Eun Sooh always wanted to be a tree.
Me: Really?
Mom: But thats so boring, I mean, being one. Forever stuck. Mak suka jalan-jalan.
Me: that what would you be?
Mom: I'll be a bird.
Me: Of all things! Thats even worse!!! to be stuck on one place, in between those~
Mom: That YOUR definition of a bird. I was talking about the REAL birds. In case you'd forgotten. The one with wings, not in the jeans.

Yeah people. Thats me and mom for you. No wonder....


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