Friday, May 31, 2013

you are what you think out loud

A rugged looking gentlemen in his 60-s came for a visit yesterday.
A former army, made bankrupt.
As I came in the discussion room, he spread out some Land title, documents, a statutory declaration and a stack of Bankruptcy Act.

"I want to transfer this piece of Land to my son, but I need your no-objection letter. I've already drafted them for you, all you need to do is just sign".

Amboi. Aku ke dia yang lawyer. 
But I listened on, because this guy, was on a roll. He just wouldn't stop and I was too amazed by his tenacity (maybe a bit too polite to intererrupt an old man)

"I've been made a bankrupt 15 years ago. But when I wanted to pay the judgment sum to the Bank (who made me bankrupt, and you're representing them), the Bank refused to accept the money and asked me to pay it to the Official Assignee. There, as you can see, the transcript of proof of payment to the Assignee".

He stuck out one bank slip with a handwritten recipient Pemegang Harta.

"The Land Office told me that I could only transfer the land to my son if you have no objection. But the debt had already been paid to the Insolvency, I banked it in, and I don't know why I'm not discharged from bankruptcy. the money just got stuck there and I'm still a bankrupt. So its a chicken and egg situation. I go Land Office reject, I go Bank also kena reject. So today I go to you"

This is what you get, when you think you're smart to skip a process.
"But you didn't go to one place. "

He knew what the place is "Oh you mean the Insolvency department? ""

I told him " I think I can understand why someone tends to skip that procedure, which he thinks he can make do by doing something else. Like you, you think it all can be settled if the money is paid. But you knew you needed to see the Assignee, lay out all the financial matters with them, and then all that can follow through. Without their recommendation, even if you paid into their account double, means nothing"

His short reply to this "I knew I should see a lawyer first!"

 "Its painful to be thoroughly examined in and out, who likes to be checked for their ability and weaknesses, being probed for every personal matter, what you do in your pasttime, what you do for a living?. But, if it must be done to correct past mistake, you should let it be"

And then he let out a big laugh "now you're talking like a philosopher!"

Then, it came. the big realisation: I was actually, talking to myself.

That much I know is true. For instance: Sometimes during sessions with hawariyyun, I dreaded when its time to read Quranic recitation. I concede that my tajweed is not at par, but I still haven't done much improvement and could only cry when husband corrects me when I read. Hua hua. Lemahnya iman...

ps the old man went back from my firm, singing. Oh boy


toi plus moi =)

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