Thursday, July 16, 2009

allahumaghfirlahu warhamhu.

A relative of mine passed away few days ago.

Arwah was a firemen.
So we were brought to the Shah Alam Fire Station after the post mortem for Solat Jenazah.

Arwah didn't die because of any fire mishap.
They usally can overcome critical situations, afterall, they're professionally trained.

But he died in his sleep. Just 31 years old.
(The same age with my eldest sister) Young, with two young kids.

Doctors revealed his heart stopped beating, in his sleep.
Friends told us that they found him lying on the couch of his living room in his unit, the lights was not switched off, indicating that he only meant for a nap, to take a rest.
I could imagine he must've been very tired, to just came back from his shift and dozed to sleep not knowing it'll be eternal.

His mother was shocked to hear her youngest son died in such away. Suddenly.
She fainted few times.
Must've been very shocking, to the very least of emotions.
Afterall, arwah didn't have any health complication known of, and he was fit.
He didn't look as if he had any heart problems, he was not fat at all.
Tapi tulah.... ajal maut di tangan Tuhan.


p/s: peringatan untuk aku yang selalu tido dahulu sebelum solat isyak.

(Cerita sampingan: Seriously, that was my first time being in a Fire Station. I was excited (aku kan tomboy dulu) seeing the Fire Engines and yes, there were poles~one we could slide down aku ingat dalam cerita je ada? siap ada siren emergency from the tower..waaah! cepat je fire engine tu keluar, tak sampai seminit!)

When we arrived Yah quickly glanced to me and said "Sukalah tu. I know you like firemen" with that annoying look to tease me. I committed myself to embarrassment telling that to her once, but it never occurred to me of any importance why I said it, but here's my reasons.
Hah jangan ngengade ingat bukan-bukan !

True, I had always thought I'll marry one that would douse my hot temper or in truest sense, I had always been attracted to heroic-type of people.

Why specifically firemen, not policemen? I knew from I was young they receive duit kopi eughh. Memang turn off OK! I fear them.

Why not army..thing is, firemen could not save you from other evils but fire, which is not a human controlled. So it kinda made firemen a special league on their own. Yang lain tu macam boleh tercemar dengan agenda politik je?

Doctors? well, I haven't the slightest thought of marrying a doctor (sorry sayang?) But its not the same with lawyers, whom I made sure I'll never get involved with! hahahahaaaaa.) Kutuk diri sendiri. Ehem.

Anyway. siut je Yah.) Tu cerita Darjah dua laaa!


shueyluweyduwey 17 July 2009 at 10:04:00 GMT+8  

hey af. takziah to ur is a scary thought. saya pun suka tido dulu sebelum solat.tsk tsk.

nadia,  17 July 2009 at 13:39:00 GMT+8  

Takziah Af...aku pun slalu, 4pagi baru bangun solat isyak. tsk tsk...

Aku punyalah innocent masa kecik bila orang ckp "duit kopi" aku ingat bagi duit pergi beli kopi... haha.

In my own little world, we didn't know what "rasuah" means. Ustazah was talking about riba, I thot riba like sitting on the lap & thot there's nothing wrong with that except if you're a very heavy person.

zazaza,  17 July 2009 at 17:30:00 GMT+8  

hakhakhak klaka nadia riba cam sitting on lap and thot there's nothing wrong with that except if you're a very heavy person

mr K 17 July 2009 at 19:55:00 GMT+8  

semoga beliau dalam golongan yg dikasihi..

dulu penah join kadet bomba. sbb rasa macho.. tapi takla sampai minat kat bomba. (ade ke firewomen?)

dari dulu mmg nk lawyer je...:P

semua keje ada baik buruk.. niat tu mau penting

HiDa 20 July 2009 at 14:22:00 GMT+8  

Takziah Af. I just read your blog. I understand how it feels like to lose someone to sudden death.

Pass my wish of 'takziah' to his family.

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