Monday, December 03, 2007

smiling kops

Sunday 02December 2007
Barclays Premier League
Liverpool 4 - 0 Bolton
Hyypia 17
Torres 45
Gerrard (pen) 56
Babel 86

Wednesday 28 November 2007
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool 4 – 1 FC Porto
Torres 19 Lopez 33
Torres 78
Gerrard (pen) 84
Crouch 88

Saturday 24 November 2007
Barclays Premier League
Newcastle 0 – 3 Liverpool
Gerrard 28
Kuyt 45
Babel 66

Saturday 10 November 2007
Barclays Premier League
Liverpool 2 – 0 Fulham
Torres 81
Gerrard (pen) 85

Tuesday 6 November 2007
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool 8 – 0 Besiktas
Crouch 19
Benayoun 32
Benayoun 53
Benayoun 56
Gerrard 69
Babel 79
Babel 81
Crouch 89

Bubu, Gerrard is a good buy to your fantasy football team =) mesti dah naik points b, kan?
hehe. I'd always liked Liverpool, since Ian Rush's days but was devastated when Mcmanaman left.

This time both of us are going for the Croatian team.(1st time we're supporting the same club, he's a Chelsea fan (yuck), and during thw World Cup, he's a Swiss and me the France team (since Holland didn't qualify). See how it goes. Usually he will tease me for me liking Liverpool (I don't know why that becomes a embarrassment factor) and I will jeer him for supporting an Israeli-managed team. Haha.

But I still buy him Chelsea FC souvenirs, and he can't do the same to me because:
1) Liverpool mechandise is hideous
2) Liverpool jersey is cursed with an alcoholic endorsement
3) he looks good in Chelsea shirts/jerseys.
4) I'm not really a big fan of football, macam poyo la pulak kan nanti.

But I have Alan Smith's long sleeved jersey.
Ah what betrayal.

nak buat macamana, dah cantik, pakaila.
And it is so comfortable, I'll wear it when I'm out jogging, and will try to act normal when friends see me wearing it.

I'll buy one Torres' jersey if Liverpool changes to Coca-Cola. *grin*


mr k,  3 December 2007 at 21:38:00 GMT+8  

haha.. i will buy it 4 u... tak sokong chelsea dah.. sbb yahudi tu.. go crotia euro 2008!

mr k,  3 December 2007 at 22:17:00 GMT+8  

oh ye, btw, gerrard contribute 34 points 4 my team..huhu!

dark angel 12 December 2007 at 11:38:00 GMT+8  

alah hari ni arsenal kalah, liverpool pun need to buy for me =P just buy air ticket home to me =)

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