Monday, April 30, 2007

being stupid

How I always say to some friends " some people remain stupid"
(to their careless but deliberate forgetfulness Oh-I-see and cute tripping over something stupid)

and I remember Melati would cleverly add "but others develop it"

I never thought that could ever happen to me.

Hey, I read law and cynics whaaat.

So I consume unbelievable of amount of asam jeruk you name it, sleep not lesser than 12 hours daily, gotten fat and had trouble spelling things right. All this in my one month holiday.
And holiday it was.
And I'm not sharper. (Hearing Sasha telling me" Ala dah you cuti 3 bulan tak buat pape").
It is as if you're guaranteed to be stupid.

Hey! I thought holidays are good for you!

And I'm not even 25 yet.

I was busy writing on the whiteboard during the legal aid advance training with mr Sivarasa Rasiah (omg, i know) and infront of 40 gawking eyes I'd just proven to myself and those 20-odd audience stupidity can be developed.

But they don't blame me. I got grundnorm right.
Except the treatment I got from one of the participant (yeah but she's a committee who was asked to join in as a participant because she can't mix with other people well. Well!) whom for me, is just plain arrogant and bitchy but since she's doing that to everyone else except boys, so how can that make me feel so bad? Hahahahahaa.

One month before becoming a full-fledged lawyer in a engineering-law firm, and I'm still stupid. (maybe even developed stupider).

Not anymore guys.
So I'm running miles now, trying to finish Bryson's short history to nearly everything, rereading Tuesdays' with Morrie (hey, I need some pengisian moral. Yeah right, from a dead Jewish professor. But Believe me, a good Muslim picks up any kind of knowledge, no?) and other books too. And I'm cutting all that asam intake too.

All hoping that I can be back at my best.
Of not being stupid.

The asam part is the hardest. Sob sob.
(See what I mean?)


Monday, April 16, 2007

only supermen can polygamize

At least in Malaysia.
Because its a trend here.
Because they don't see it as an added responsibility, just another way to getaway.

The first wives hysterically tugging the hair of the other "honeys" while their husbands seek after public symphaty.

"I only do it because following the Prophetic tradition to polygamize".
"Women nowadays are rebels. Too much liberty given. This feminisme have to stop"
"Cannot meh? I've to teach her I AM THE MAN"
"She rarely cooks at home".
"Everone's doing it".
"Barulah jantan".
"She won't give birth".

You stupid idiots.
Referring to the 1st premises of many reasons, a good man following the Prophet's teaching won't talk like the rest.

And assuming your first wife is screaming hysterically now that you marry again, surely you haven't done her good to gain her confidence to let you marry?

And seeing that even a mother could've killed her own offsprings as a sign of protest againt her husband's wish to marry another woman, isn't that a sign that the poor wife lacks something and needs proper attention from the husband (not by marrying another woman to abandon her 'lackness in something) (read:mentally/emotionally instable)

And those underpaid men wanting to get married is also stupid.
When you die,, all you four wives and children would continue fighting over the sickly looking Proton Saga you left them and lets not forget the debts when you want to add wives.

I'm sorry that the Malaysian system in conquered by them, girls.
Or else we would've make them adhere to these conditions in their application to poliygamize:

1. Men must finish certain course of education.
2. The wives must understand and being so, must be stable in emotion to allow.
3. To achieve this, the men must first treat their wives rightly so.
4. This must be shown to prove that they're just.
5. Men must earn more than RM3,000 for every wife they wish to marry.
(Hmm. For now)

Or not, it amounts to sadd ad-dhara'ie.
Failing which, although it is permissable, it should be prevented.
(I know some requirement is implemented in Syariah Courts, but the failure seems to root out from the fact most men opt to polygamise in Thai. So do what most modern Muslim country is doing: ban polygamy. Except to those who had fulfilled the requrements) . Hello, before you men get upset, remember I do not oppose the sunnah of the Prophet, no I don't but remember the Quranic requirement "if only you can be just".

And I know most of you think you're adil, so I don't see a problem of letting others judge you being just or just in lust.

Malaysian men especially.
When they polygamize, they optimized the nation-family problem.
Divorce rate up, children rempit bohsia, angry at their petty family problem why can't our dad just keep up with one wife?

Baca fatihah pun salah tajweed. Ada hati nak ikut sunnah nabi.
Nabi pun, lepas isteri kesayangan wafat, barulah dia kahwin lagi.

To those men following the good example of the Prophet, lead your men.


Friday, April 13, 2007

tags of the weirds

I'd been tagged by Dr. Zack non-Quack.
No thank you to you that I have no internet connection at home and I'm obliged to somehow blog about my weirdness in 6 points in 50 minutes (sejam RM2). Shouldn't be hard, eh Mar?

Rules & Regulations:
Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

1. Impulsive hothtead.
I am. While watching Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind, I see the uncanny resemblance of Clementine's cuteness fiery impulsiveness. Just like her, I'll do something stupid on my own account when I'm angry and I feel the need to retaliate. Ask my hubby and he'll swear that for the love of God he hopes I'll stay put at home whenever he comes home late. And I'll regret later having driven 200k/m justt to prove a point, and wasting all that for a kueytiow Taiping.

2. Monosyllabic poet
Yes I'm a hopeless romantic. I'll write down sonnets on my bathroom walls (sorry mak!) but I won't say much of it for the simple fear of being ridiculed. And while I talk incensantly, it's not necessary that I'm talkative.

3. Suck at maths
Hello, yes, why not? In the world of learning Maths made easy by Kumon, I suck at Maths. Reading law is not an excuse, friends were the perfect candidates for actuarial sciences are all lawyers now. With one exception: me.

4. Car crazy but won't make me spend a penny
For a girl, it is weird to know the difference of a strut and what not, that Ferrari and Alfa Romeo is Fiat's babies. And I just love Alfa Romeo 159, Audi R8 and BMW 5 series (no more 3s for me. My elder bro is really menyibuk of getting one) But I won't buy any of them. Not in Malaysia, no I won't. Mahal nak mampos. Baik aku simpan duit. I have my trusty old ride, my first love Satria.

5. gut feeling
Carefull when you're on the prowl of murdering anyone. I might just now.

6. having a boy's and foreign-sounding name.
Enough said. No help that hubby's sounding more female than mine. Sheesh.

And I tag:
1. Mar
2. Atie
3. Niki
4. Hida
5. Faisal
6. Fad


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